Payroll Services

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The convenience alone is reason enough to outsource your payroll but did you know it’s a smart way to do business? And when you combine payroll outsourcing with other services CBI offers, you can get it all here!  No more calling Jane for this, Bob for that, and Harry for yet another service. You just call CBI!

In addition to saving time, saving money, and avoiding penalties, CBI will communicate effectively and efficiently with employees about payroll issues and this makes company morale soar.

Everyone knows there’s more to payroll than writing checks but few really know how much money is left on the table when payroll records are inaccurate, or how much time is spent keeping up with ever-changing regulations, or the penalties incurred for failing to submit payments and file reports. It’s a headache and more times than you’re aware of mistakes are happening costing you money!

Outsourcing payroll not only makes sense – it makes dollars and cents – by reducing your risks and freeing valuable resources.

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