Do This, Not That – Get The Job Interview

Every wonder why you just can’t seem to get the interview? In today’s competitive job market, you have to shine bright to get the attention you desire.

We’ve put together some tips in a “Do This – Not That” format. Plus, we’ve included the “why” so it’s clear how the tip will  make a difference. Take these tips to task and the odds will stack in your favor with the next job application.

Do This   Not That   Why?
Do include a cover letter. Don’t just send a resume. A cover letter is a chance to highlight why you’re a great candidate. But don’t be long-winded (half page at max) and be sure to use good grammar.
Proofread, proofread, and proofread again! Don’t send your cover letter or resume with typos. Even if the job doesn’t require a literary expert, a negative judgment will be made about the level of your intelligence and the quality of your work, if the cover letter or resume contains typos. If necessary, ask someone to help.
Include both phone and email and check messages often. Don’t fail to include phone and email and don’t put off checking messages. In today’s tech savvy world, including an email is just as important as a phone number. This makes it fast and easy to get in contact with you. If you don’t check your messages often – and reply promptly – you risk losing your turn.
Do send a resume relevant to the job posting. Don’t send a resume highlighting one skill set if you’re applying for something different. If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, hopefully you’ve acquired a variety of skills. If you’re applying for a forklift job, highlight that skill throughout your resume. Include all skills but highlight those applicable to the job posting.
Be confident. Don’t be shy or modest. This is when it’s okay to brag. Give thought PRIOR to the interview about why you’d hire you – and toot your horn BOLDLY.
Be prepared for a phone screen. Don’t “wing it” on something so important. Many HR departments do a phone screen prior to an interview. Review your resume and make notes about the strengths you want to bring to your potential employers attention. Anticipate negative feedback such as why you left a job so quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask this question at the end of your conversation: Is there anything more I can do to convince you I’m the perfect candidate for this job? Remember BE BOLD!
Definitely follow job posting instructions. Don’t ignore job posting instructions. If a job posting asks for salary requirements, include it. If it says do not call, don’t! Violating the instructions of the job posting is way too risky. Demonstrate from the beginning, you know how to follow instructions.
Stay 100% positive from beginning to end of the process. Don’t speak badly about your previous employer. Even if your boss was evil and vile, do not speak negatively about him or her. You may say you are seeking a work environment in which are respected and valued and leave it at that. Even if you’d be truthful in saying your old boss was horrid, it will only make you look bad since this person isn’t there to defend him or herself. Less is more in this situation.

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